Facing the Truth

Facing the Truth   I have started this blog about 15 times in the last few days. Crossed out lines, ripped out pages, thrown a few pens across the room

Volcano Runs

Volcano runs   One minute I was jogging easily along the singletrack circling the volcano, singing along to some goddawful 90s’ disco hit. The next I was sprawled full length

Living on Lanza

Living on Lanza   The Highlander, Motowns – British Family Bar, The Black Bull and a souvenir shop promising PG Tips and Marmite line the main car park in the

Devils & rest days

REST DAY The two most dreaded words on the training plan… Backside wedged between two cushions and laptop balanced precariously on my knees, I glance yet again at the clock

Landing on Lanza

Landing on Lanza   Wednesday, 4.05am. Beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeep. The cat lifted her head from the duvet and gave me a slightly confused and decidedly annoyed look. “Jeez woman,

Christmas Thank You’s

Christmas Thank You’s   July, August, September… where does time go? … December. Almost exactly six months ago I crossed the line of a half distance triathlon in Northern France.

It’s not your foot

It’s not your foot   To those of you who read what used to be regular updates, you’ve probably figured I’ve done something to myself. No racing, no reports… and

Diggin’ Deauville

Diggin’ Deauville   Half-fuelled by a water-logged Starbucks coffee, I am nursing a very sore foot as my mind wanders back to the International Triathlon in Deauville a few weeks

70.3 Rapperswil

70.3 Rapperswil   Unbelievably, in all my years as a Swiss triathlete I had never made it 70.3 Rapperswil. I wanted to make sure I ticked that box this year


Ventouxman   Having done Aix and Bilbao back-to-back, I had two weeks to recover and cram in some training before tackling the tough Ventouxman, a race I particularly wanted to

Bilbao triathlon

Bilbao triathlon   They say time goes quicker as you get older. If that is true then I sure as hell don’t want to be 60: I’m half that and

Train travels

Train Travels   Bilbao was great. If you discount my slight bike mishap during the race, I had a wonderful time and was quite enchanted by the dynamic little city.

70.3 Pays d’Aix

70.3 Pays d’Aix   For once I don’t particularly want to write. I’m tired, my fingers are struggling across the keyboard and I don’t know how to make yet another

Cruising in Cannes

Cruising in Cannes   Very silly way to start a blog. Not only does it sound pompous but whatever I did in Cannes, it certainly wasn’t cruising. Then again, “cruising” is

Nevis Valley

Nevis Valley   “Look!” I shoved the map triumphantly under Guilhem’s nose. “We don’t need to take the main road back to Wanaka! We can go this way!” Te Anau

The Elgrand Motel

The Elgrand Motel   Shhhhhh shit shit shhhhhhh!! Hanging over the front seat in the dark, my shoulders squeezed between the head rest and the front window, I blindly hit