Tales of the Little Cabbage

Learning to think like a pro

It could have been Angry Bird, The Champ, The Captain… maybe even an agressive Honey Badger or something as glamorous as Spirit… But no, I got saddled with a green vegetable. I have been training with Brett Sutton’s squad for the last few months; traditionally most of his athletes earn themselves a nickname at some point or other and I have been getting rather a lot of questions since I was recently dubbed the Little Cabbage.

Thank you Marc!

For making me believe in myself

Back in Autumn of 2011, I was a wannabe triathlete recovering from a femoral neck stress fracture. In 2015, I won a half ironman as a professional athlete and managed a 10th place at the Ironman 70.3 Worlds Champs. I may have pushed the pedals and scooped the prizes, but there was one person working hard behind the scenes throughout that journey: my coach, Marc Montandon.

Morning fuel

High protein banana pancakes

As I wait for the season to kick off, I thought I’d share one of my staple breakfasts. When the average day contains three training blocks, early morning food is super important to start things off right. These pancakes are high in protein, high in fibre and light on the stomach, meaning they don’t make a reappearance midway through the first session.